Pre-sale limited time offer: 20% off coupon for selected products

Thank you very much for always using our store.

We will be holding a pre-sale exclusively for STOCK members from Saturday, June 21st to Thursday, July 2nd.

For those who are unable to visit our store during the pre-sale period, we will be issuing a limited-time coupon exclusively to STOCK Members who have received a postcard, which will allow them to enjoy the pre-sale on our online store.

Eligible products: All products listed on the [MEMBERS] category page of the online store

※STOCK online store homepage, top left, Men's  Click on Womens and you will see the MEMBERS category in the All Categories selection box, so please go there to view the applicable products.

You can see the presale page from this link. ↓

*Available to view from 12:00 on Saturday, June 20th.



Coupon Code: PRESALE 2020SS

Discount rate: 20% off the listed price

Please enter this coupon code in the coupon code input field on the order screen.

Once you enter this information, the discounted amount will be displayed.

*When using a pre-sale coupon, please make sure to enter the coupon and wait until the discount is reflected before confirming your order.

*Coupon codes cannot be used on products outside the MENBERS category.

*Please note that if you forget to enter the coupon code when placing your order or if you place your order before the discount is reflected, the order will be processed at the amount at the time of order.

If you are unable to visit our store, please use this coupon code and enjoy shopping at our online store.