SLEEPY JONES is a New York-based pajamas and underwear brand whose CEO is Andy Spade, a former designer of JACK SPADE. "When painters, writers and musicians create creative works, they wear comfortable clothes, not suits or denim." Designer Andy thought so and started making loungewear with a focus on comfort and classic yet uplifting designs. When you're sleeping, having afternoon tea, reading the newspaper, playing with your children. The brand believes that the essence of luxury is not about things, but about relaxing spaces and times. All items can be used not only as loungewear, but also as fashionable clothes like looks, and are comfortable to wear, and are stylish even when going out for a little while, with details such as bag pockets and waists. The pajamas are made of high-quality materials that will satisfy you. Incorporate SLEEPY JONES into your coordination and spend a blissful time.
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