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We would like to introduce new products that have just arrived from the popular brand "nobu Ikeguchi".

He established his own brand, "Nobu Ikeguchi" in 1995. He traveled alone to Monument Valley, a sacred place for the Navajo people, to learn Native American jewelry techniques, and creates highly original pieces using traditional techniques.

In 2013, he established the jewelry brand "FANTASTIC MAN". While retaining elements of Native American jewelry, he incorporates new techniques to create sophisticated jewelry. He produces jewelry pieces with a strong presence, mainly bangles, and has established his position as a jewelry brand.

In 2018, he relaunched "nobu Ikeguchi". In order to convey the beauty of the handcrafted work of Japanese artisans, he is committed to handmade products, creating all of the smallest parts himself, and proposing one-of-a-kind jewelry. He combines traditional techniques with modern art and trends, and handcrafts every single small part to create high-quality pieces.

Please see below for this season's new items.

NO.403 RING / 925 SILVER ¥49,500

The heavy design, which combines thick parts, has a unique presence that is unlike any other.

Although it looks like a triple ring design, you can also connect the parts together and wear it as one ring, as shown in the photo below.

As you can see in the first image, the design can be completely different depending on how you wear it.

NO.124 BANGLE / 925 SILVER ¥38,500

This artistic silver bangle is made by intentionally connecting two curved parts in a distorted manner. It is thin and can be worn with any season or style.

We also recommend wearing two of the same item layered together.

* In the first photo, two pieces are being worn together.

And this season's new product,

NO.302 RING / 925 SILVER ¥27,500

NO.303 RING / 18K GOLD PLATED ¥27,500

The beautiful curved design is made up of thin, delicate parts, and the small spherical motif on the end of the ring adds a subtle accent. Available in two colors: silver and gold.

*As worn in the first photo.

NO.111 RING / 925 SILVER ¥29,700

The brand's unique chain ring is made by joining distorted links one by one. The slightly narrower parts elevate the rugged chain design to a sophisticated look. A plate with the brand logo engraved on it is included in the center.

NO.132 BRACELET / 925 SILVER ¥91,300

This silver bracelet features an asymmetrical design with horsebit parts attached to a small chain. Another feature is that the appearance changes depending on where you fasten it.

*As worn in the first image and the image below.

By layering the pieces, you can create a unified look and each piece will complement each other.

NO.113 RING / 925 SILVER ¥34,100

The unique design, which incorporates the horsebit using delicate parts, is very appealing.

NO.200 RING / 925 SILVER ¥33,000

NO.301 RING / 18K GOLD PLATED ¥33,000

This is a model that sold out immediately when it was last in stock. It is a double ring that expresses the brand's unique worldview.

This is a beautiful and bold design that combines slightly thick parts, yet somehow feels delicate.

Available in two colors: silver and gold.

And here are two types of key rings that really catch your eye.

NO.141 KEY RING / 925 SILVER ¥89,100

NO.142 KEY RING / 925 SILVER ¥61,600

You can use it as a key ring by hanging it on a belt loop or bag, or as an accessory.

Next is the necklace.

NO.214 NECKLACE / 925 SILVER ¥15,180

A simple and delicate chain necklace

By bringing the toggle part to the front, you can also use it as a pendant top.

You can also use it by hanging a ring.

This is a new product for this season, a glasses cord. It can be attached to sunglasses or spectacles, and is a practical item that can be used as an accessory or hung around the neck when not in use.

NO.450 GLASSCODE / 925 SILVER ¥13,200


Nobu Ikeguchi is a jewelry brand that has a sophisticated and unique worldview, but also has an appealing simple design that matches a wide range of styles.

I would love for you to incorporate it into your outfit.

It will definitely raise the level of your style.

It is also available on our online store. You can purchase it from the link below.

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