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This time we will introduce the Los Angeles sportswear brand "LADY WHITE CO."

Let's start with an overview of the brand.

The brand was founded in Los Angeles in 2015 by Phillip Proyce, who worked under Mike Hodis, designer and owner of the American denim brand Rising Sun Jeans.

Based on vintage items such as cut and sew items and sweatshirts, the brand offers a high-quality sportswear collection, including jerseys and fleece.

In particular, the brand has been strongly influenced by Japanese brands such as "Loopwheeler" and "Riding High," which are committed to the ultimate quality and take manufacturing seriously, using old-fashioned hanging knitting machines and the hands of skilled craftsmen, which are extremely inefficient in today's age of mass production and mass consumption.

Therefore, the entire production process, from cutting to sewing, is carried out at a long-established factory in Los Angeles.

Pictured is Peter, the factory manager in charge of production.

He is a passionate, hard worker who has been running a factory in the United States for over 35 years, even as many manufacturing factories continue to move their bases overseas. .

Each item is made using a number of special flat knit rib machines imported from Japan, Germany and Italy.


It is no exaggeration to say that this production background is directly linked to the quality of LADY WHITE CO.'s products.

Now, from this brand, we have a large number of cut and sew items in stock that can be used at this time of year.

First, here is this T-shirt with a wide variety of colors. ↓

A basic crew neck design that inspires confidence, with a bright colour palette to lift your spirits.

The pastel tones, which are not often seen in men's clothing, create a fresh atmosphere.

The fabric is made of 100% fine-grained cotton, making it smooth to the touch.

The textured look of the fabric, achieved through product dyeing, is also attractive.

Next up is this item. ↓

A unique design that combines elements of a polo shirt, a cut-and-sew top, and a shirt.

A hybrid item that perfectly mixes the casualness of a cut and sew with the elegance of a shirt.

This is a smooth yet slightly thick cotton fabric.

The back of the placket is carefully designed to be covered with fabric so that the silhouette does not collapse even when worn with the front open.

This is a piece that I would recommend to anyone who is hesitant to wear shirts.

Lastly, here is this thermal long sleeve T-shirt. ↓

It's a soft, stretchy fabric with a moderate thickness that's somewhere between a sweatshirt and a long-sleeved T-shirt.

The loose silhouette is recommended to be worn in a loose fit that makes use of the unique look of thermal clothing and the rough raw hem.

This is a reliable piece that can be used as an inner layer in early autumn.

Our store has been very popular this season, and we are running out of certain colors and sizes.

Be sure to check out this sturdy, authentic USA brand that inherits the spirit of Japanese manufacturing.


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