GITMAN VINTAGE 2020SS now in stock

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The 2020SS lineup from GITMAN BROTHERS, a long-established American shirt brand, has just arrived, so we would like to introduce it to you.

GITMAN BROTHERS is a traditional shirtmaker based in northern Pennsylvania, USA.

Based on the traditional techniques that have been handed down since the company was founded in 1978, we are committed to producing all of our products "MADE IN USA."

This talented factory is highly trusted for its meticulous artistic sewing techniques, which include 20 stitches per inch, the selection of high-quality materials, and traditional techniques passed down by skilled craftsmen, and also handles OEM work for famous brands such as "BAND OF OUTSIDERS" and "THOM BROWNE."

It is also known that the company is part of the same family as Individualized Shirts, the famous production factory for BROOKS BROTHERS, so you can be sure that the quality is high.

The "GITMAN VINTAGE" line that we carry in our store is a modernized collection that reproduces archives from the time GITMAN was founded in the late 1970s and early 1980s .

The fabrics used are precious deadstock fabrics, including those currently available, and even the smallest details such as the chalk buttons and the locker loop on the back are faithfully reproduced.

All items in the collection come with the original green label tag from 1978.

This time, five short-sleeved open-collar shirts have been selected from the 2020SS collection.

The first thing that catches your eye is the unique clock pattern.

Made from smooth, thin cotton, it has a retro design yet exudes elegance.

The one and only design that caught my eye first.

It's very attractive.

This is a unique Japanese pattern print on a stiff cotton fabric.

The design features a colorful fan pattern on a white background, giving it a seasonal feel.

This is a piece that goes well with a classic denim style or linen pants for a more mature look.

The plain chambray shirt is made of soft linen.

It has a marbled coloring and a soft texture that retains the crisp feel that is characteristic of linen.

I think that you will be able to feel the fine texture of GITMAN's linen material in particular.

The quality of the material ensures that it is comfortable to wear even when worn loosely over a tank top or bare skin, without any stress.

These two linen shirts feature a stylish check pattern.

Authentic checked shirts are common, but this one has a modern look with subtle neon colors mixed in.

The unique texture of the linen fabric creates an exquisite sense of relaxation.

This is also recommended for a relaxed style with shorts and sandals.

GITMAN shirts are also attractive because of their perfect sizing , making them easy to wear for people of all ages.

The attention to detail that only a long-established brand can offer is evident in the perfect fit that is timeless and perfectly suited to the Japanese body type.

As the temperature has risen sharply, please come to our store and experience GITMAN's comfortable shirt items that you can easily throw on.


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