This time we would like to introduce CASEY CASEY, a notable brand based in Paris, France, which we will start carrying from this season.

A fashion brand from Paris, France, created by British designer Gareth Casey.
With the themes of "timeless, comfortable, relaxed and functional," all of the ready-to-wear clothing is produced in the brand's Paris atelier.

They are committed to hand-finishing, hand-dying, hand-washing, and handmade products, and they are adept at using their own unique techniques in dyeing and washing to recreate the texture of clothes that have been worn for many years and that have grown fond of, as well as clothes that have changed over time.
The designers themselves are involved in the manufacturing process of most of the collections, and each item is carefully crafted, creating one-of-a-kind items that are like art pieces.

The fabric has a unique dyeing and wrinkled finish that makes it look like a vintage item, giving it a worn-in feel while creating a modern silhouette that doesn't feel old-fashioned.
Once you try it on, you'll understand why it's such a hot topic.

Please come to our store and take a look at our luxurious items that you can never find in mass-produced products.

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